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Process Mining Camp 2018

I have attended Process Mining Camp since 2013. Every year many new applications of process mining are presented by companies themselves. That makes for an interesting event with nice use cases to take home.
If you missed it or want to relive the experience: here is my unofficial after movie:


Uw Health talk about non-elective Healthcare.

Deutsche Bank on internal processes

Even Microsoft is using process mining themselves! I immediately connected with the speaker Dinesh Das because as you know I also use Microsoft (Power) BI.

The most interesting part was a bot in Microsoft Teams that responded to questions about deliveries combined with an interactive Visio diagram that showed process statuses.

The talk by the Municipality of Amsterdam focused more on the process from start to successful process mining project

Process Mining industrial processes is notoriously difficult. I spoke to a consultant during a break who said "I feel ashamed, but it took me 9 months to come up with a case id". In administrative processes case id's are ready to grab, for example order ID. In an industrial process it is harder as sub materials go into other materials and so on.

KLM showed a nice Sunday afternoon project where they found out why scrum teams differed in the number of story points completed. For example why many user stories were moved to the next sprint (hint: developers handed everything over to QA in the latest hours of the sprint)

The winner of the process miner of the year award is a Spanish Hospital.

Radiology is the bottleneck

No fast paths between specialists

And it was closed off nicely by Wil van der Aalst, the 'founding father' of process mining.

Who is now working at Aachen University on the following topics:

Topics include

  • streaming process mining
  • other types of event data
  • understandable process mining
  • automated operational process improvement
  • and responsible process mining, founded responsible data science

AI winters
Let's hope we don't get any more 'AI winters' as I love it!