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Power BI User Group Day NL 2019

Happening today Saturday, March 30 in SuperNova Jaarbeurs Utrecht. Expecting 650 attendees as I am volunteering to make sure they get the best day possible.

Thanks to the volunteers who made this event possible!

And it's time for some drinks and check if you are lucky and take home a sponsor price! Thanks for attending!

Continuous delivery (CD) for Power BI
Interesting links:
Their Github repository

Power BI Actions for Azure Devops

It could be interesting to try Selenium UI Testing for testing the values in a Power BI report. Drawback: depending on HTML rendering by Microsoft.

Powershell deployment script

Azure Devops Repo and build pipeline with all necessary files

JSON files with publishing info like workspace name and description, report name and users for every OTAP step.

Their architecture for CD

What did InfoSupport want to get from CD?

5 principles of continuous delivery, which works well with OTAP and Agile.

With the guys from InfoSupport

Between this time and drinks/bitterballen are these last sessions...

Ida Bergum from Norway on using Flow with Power BI, reporting in financial institutions, reporting with a 4-4-5 calendar, using parameters in Power BI and last but not least continuous delivery for Power BI!

Machine Learning in Power BI Service

Somebody thought it would be nice to awkwardly picture me handing over the gift to Leila 😏

And of course Titanic classification in Azure ML and deploy it as a webservice that can be called from Power BI and Excel

Here the call from Power Query to Azure ML is shown

Language detection

Text analytics options

Leila is using Vysor to show and control her Android phone via her laptop. Interesting tool!

The Microsoft AI Landscape

Next up Leila Etaati on Machine Learning in Power BI service. I hope people dare to come to this session...

Food is ready, looks good!

Next up some financial reporting, top 10 mistakes to avoid, combining data sources, personal data science, and big gun Reza Rad on Power BI Dataflows (makes it easy for business users to add data to Power BI and more).

Power AI / Power BI Adoption

Use the ADKAR model. Executive sponsorship is the number one reason for success.

For advanced users one-on-one training is the most effective way to quickly learn new skills.

Building ducks with lego, everybody built a different version.

This explains why adoption consulting is necessary.

Answers anyone?

View from stage at Power AI / Power BI Adoption talk

VIPs haven't found the VIP Room yet

Speakers are ready for the next sessions

Reza showed a Power BI slideshow for those people with nice large monitors on their corporate walls... Original idea

Keynote, center stage!

Schedule for today

There are still some badges waiting to be picked up. They might have taken the wrong turn according to Joost.

Long lines with people waiting to pick up their badge 😅 Now most of the people went to the keynote.

Fabian GA (I know you were thinking Generally Available 😊) doing the volunteer briefing.

Batches are being prepared

Stands are being built

By these nice sponsors who make this event possible!

7.44 arrived!